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I have a Book of ghosts and gods

I have a Book of ghosts and gods

I have a Book of ghosts and gods

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    I have a Book of ghosts and gods
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Jiang Zhou was taken to Daji by a volume of ghost and God atlas. Using the half episode journey to the West in his mobile phone, he fooled a ferocious witch lame. As a descendant of Lingtai Fangcun mountain and the oblique moon sanxingdong cave, he began to embark on a road to heaven... in troubled times of demons and demons, there are immortals in the world of mortals there is a volume of ancient books, which is self satisfied reward and kill ghosts, seal spirits and invite gods white bone dressing picture, golden man greeting picture, white bone old Buddha blissful banquet picture, Mountain Ghost Acacia picture, Zhong Kui drinking and chewing ghost picture, subduing the devil emperor cutting demon picture... hundred days of dragon grass, Taiyi five smoke Luo, diamond palm... urgent as a law, Qi Tian Da Sheng shows his true body (young seedlings are in urgent need of irrigation. The shortage of books can be moved to the two million word old book "universal crossing of the heavens")

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