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She is really a white bone essence

She is really a white bone essence

She is really a white bone essence

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    She is really a white bone essence
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    Zhou Wenyao
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    Cook Books
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Luo Dong was reborn into a world called Xuan, there were people flying with swords and Dana crossing the void the eternal Supreme Master of refining stars and the emperor who controls Kunpeng, when Luo Dong saw the spectacle of "white bones and clouds", he suddenly realized that there are some things in the world that need to be explored he gave up becoming a major disciple of the Taoist court, and did not understand the theory of Huigen in the Buddhist temple the word "glory" gradually left him. He became a notorious prison head, a villain who sold his interests and engaged in inferior pickling...... in the era of supreme fervor, Luo Dong swayed and stumbled into the endless darkness, like the weakest light in the darkness "big people are high above the world. Why should we overlook those little people?" hehe, she is really a white bone essence once she has made a success QQ group: 644300754

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