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Haoshi sword master

Haoshi sword master

Haoshi sword master

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    Haoshi sword master
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    Author 5wdvke
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The blue man continent is full of wind and clouds. There was a trend of leaving home everywhere. Haoxiang, five years younger, left the crowd alone I don't want people to see that my young body is desolate and dies alone! Haoxiang quietly stepped into the mountains Dad! Mother! You wait for me! Take me with you. I can't repay this blood feud in my life if there is an afterlife, I want you to repay it, "then I will kill all my enemies and sweep away the evil trend of the family! The evil Lord of the world there is nothing in the way of returning to the world - dignity and inferiority! There is only one compatibility - the way of life even for the devil! I don't regret it. "The small cry, with incomparably strong heart and soul resentment, broke through the clouds, broke through the gang gas layer and dispersed outside the planet space, suddenly! The two spirits are infected by resentment, breaking the vigorous Qi layer and piercing the space! Suddenly! Enter Haoxiang's body since then, there have been many strange opportunities to enter the sect. The sect has no story, and the world path is dangerous and unlimited pursuit in order to avenge their parents, the incarnation is called a devil. The magnetic spirit sucks and devours infinitely, the sword spirit destroys and kills the enemy, swings martial arts, and rushes out of the planet with the smell of the devil. " the evil spirit is proud of the universe, and the beautiful women secretly follow life and death. The major cosmic justice alliances fight against the purple osmanthus star the great war expands infinitely, the mighty spirit is combined with the evil spirit, and the giant sword of justice and evil demons can swing the justice of the martial arts path of the universe and the evil leader of the world hold the sword of just evil spirits and fight against other invading evil spirits of the universe.

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