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Assassinate Qin with Jing Ke

Assassinate Qin with Jing Ke

Assassinate Qin with Jing Ke

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    Assassinate Qin with Jing Ke
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    The One Book
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2022-06-28 02:34:05
This is a record of the state of Yan about the Revenge of the unjust case of extermination and the struggle for the relegation of the crown prince! When Yang Wanjie came to Qin, he met Ye Bing's grandson who was cut off by the whole family in the state of Yan. They went to the state of Qin and opened a wine shop in Xianyang. Ye Bing's grandfather Ye flute is the descendant of the wind snow mandarin duck sword and teaches Yang Wanjie's wind snow sword technique. I happened to meet Prince YAN Dan, who was in the state of Qin. Prince Dan's younger brother, childe Shen, is trying to get rid of Prince Dan and ascend to the relegation position. Yang Wanjie helps Prince Dan return to the state of Yan. Prince Dan's Heroes want to get rid of the king of Qin. Will you become a master brewer or a swordsman? Will you help Prince Dan or let his brothers kill each other? Whether to help Jing Ke kill the king of Qin or let the king of Qin unify the country... Life and death in the Jianghu is between Yang Wanjie's thoughts.

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