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I work as a Summoner in the spirit world

I work as a Summoner in the spirit world

I work as a Summoner in the spirit world

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    I work as a Summoner in the spirit world
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    Cold pond is shallow
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    Garden Novel
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2022-07-13 21:36:48
With the proud and charming intelligent calling system, Xiao Qi crosses into the elf world, with different color burning insects, wonderful frog seeds, zecui Soroa... what is the elf ball? Aren't elves all subdued by summoning a water storage fire spouting dragon and a lightning rod explosion carp dragon will be carried out throughout the work turn the trainer shapeshifter feature into a glittering xanedo? Or punch the flash mother monster with Hercules characteristics rainbow rockets? Probation or cremation is up to me "actually, I'm just an ordinary elf trainer." hypnosis exchange venue triple safeguard quality master, nominal president of the League search officer Association, Dr. spirit, Fengyuan League champion, global champions league champion, legendary trainer Fang Han rode on mega's split empty seat, followed by the original can't fly and the original fat head fish key words: Fairy treasure can dream, Pokemon, pet elf, magic baby special article

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